About Capawock Enterprises


The origins of Capawock Enterprises began when Phil and Sharon Cronin decided to share a love of Martha’s Vineyard with families wishing to rent their vacation home situated in Upper Makonikey on the island’s north shore. As more and more people inquired about the property and information on Martha’s Vineyard in general, Phil decided to design and publish a website where they could find answers to all of their questions. Captain Cronin also runs a charter fishing business on Marta's Vineyard and books charter trips through the website.

The term Capawock was taken from the Wompanoag Indians who inhabited Martha's Vineyard. It was the name they gave to the island and is translated, "place of refuge."

Products and Services

The products and services offered by Phil Cronin, D.B.A. Capawock Enterprises, are all explained at www.CAPAWOCK.com. These include:

- Charter Fishing Martha’s Vineyard

Our Mission

The mission of Capawock Enterprises and www.CAPAWOCK.com is to provide internet viewers with a convenient on-line portal where one can secure an exquisite vacation home rental or book a Martha's Vineyard charter fishing trip.

Contact Information

Philip J. Cronin, DBA Capawock Enterprises
Telephone: (617) 448-2030
Fax: (617) 964-4470
Email: Phil.Cronin@capawock.com


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